Full Service Payroll Features

We include all of this with every plan!

Payroll Tax Filing

Federal, State, Local, & Unemployement payroll taxes will be calculated, paid, and filed on your behalf.

Open 7-Days

Yes, we’re available to answer you and your employees questions anytime, including weekends!


We provide comprehensive financial reports online so you can track where all of your payroll expenses go.


We handle all W-2 filing at year-end for all of your employees that worked for you throughout the year.

Time Management

Don’t have a time clock?  No problem, with our online timeclock software employees can punch in and out.

Employee Portal

Employees have on-line access to their paycheck and w-2s anytime through our secure portal

Employee Assistance

Your employees are welcome to call us directly for direct deposit, withholding and other paycheck questions.

Direct Deposit

Employees are welcome to have their checks directly deposited into a checking or savings account