Why choose Macomb Payroll Inc.?

Our office has a wealth of experience in both payroll and taxation. Our sister company, Macomb Income Tax, has been in business for over 10 years. At Macomb Payroll Inc., we believe that payroll and taxes go hand in hand. Payroll taxes have to be calculated, such as Federal Withholding, State Withholding, Unemployment Taxes, as well as Local Withholding taxes (if applicable).

It’s a big job to make sure that the government and your employees are being paid accurately and on time! Plus, with our experience in taxation we can answer yours and your employees questions directly and about deductions and other items and the impact on their personal tax returns as well as your business tax return.

When we say we are full-service payroll, we mean “Full-Service”.
Additionally, we are a local company and are located at 26 & Romeo Plank. There are no hidden or extra fees and we are available to answer your questions 7-days a week!

Do you handle all of our payroll taxes?

Yes, we do!  We electronically file all of the following tax returns and payments on your behalf:

  • Federal Withholding
  • Michigan Withholding
  • Federal Unemployment
  • Michigan Unemployment
  • Michigan Obligation Assessment
  • Local Withholding (if applicable)
How much does it cost?

Click on the “Plans and Pricing” link at the top to view all of our plans.

Additionally, we include all features in each plan, and cost is based on the number of active employees you have in your organization.

Here are all of our fees:

  • One-time Setup Fee: $150
  • $35 Wire Transfer Fee (if payroll hours aren’t called in at least 4 business days prior to the actual pay date
  • $20 for an amended W-2 (per employee)
  • $100 Fee for Company Payroll Recall (when there is insufficient funds in your business bank account to cover payroll)
  • If you choose to have us print  paper checks for your employees, we just ask that you reimburse us for the product.
How do I pay my payroll taxes?

All payroll taxes (employer and employee) are deducted from the business checking account 3 business days prior to payroll.  Employee net pay amounts are withdrawn the day before the schedule payroll date.

For example, in order to have a Thursday pay day for your employees, all hours must be called in by the end of the day Friday before the scheduled pay date.

Monday is when you would see a debit for all of your payroll taxes (employer and employee).  Wednesday, you would see a debit for all of the net pay amounts for all of your employees.  Thursday, your employees would see their paycheck directly deposited into their bank accounts.

How do my employee deductions get handled, such as 401k contributions or other items?

Employee deductions such as a 401k contribution, for example, would show up on the employees check, which is before federal and state withholding taxes.  They would see the contribution amount listed on their check and their taxes would be calculated based on a reduced amount because of the contribution.

All taxes (employer and employee) will be directly debited from your business account 3 days prior to pay day.

The contribution the employee made to the 401k will remain in your business checking account until you directly pay the company that is handling your 401k.  We  can’t pay deductions out of your business checking account.

Do you pay my employees with Direct Deposit or Paper Check?

We can do both!  If your employee prefers a paper check we can simply calculate his taxes and you can either:

  1. Write the employee a check for the net pay amount, and we can provide his/her paystub showing taxes and item withholding from his/her check.
  2. We can purchase checks on your behalf, print the check at our office and drop off the checks to your office prior to pay day.  There is no cost to utilize our drop-off service.
Can my employees view their paychecks online?

Yes!  Each employee will have access to the employee portal, which allows your employees to view their paystubs and W-2’s online!

How can I let you know of my employees’ hours for the pay period?

You can let us know with whichever method is easiest for you:

  • Call Us
  • Email Us
  • Fax Us
  • Upload Hours to our Secure Client Portal
Do you provide a method for our employees to track their hours?

If you don’t currently have a timeclock for your employees we can provide a virtual one at no extra charge!  We offer an online timeclock system where employees can punch in and out through a website that automatically integrates with our payroll system.  All of you have to do is approve the hours!!

What items do I need to get started?

Company Location Information:
• Your business mailing address
• Any additional location addresses
All of your tax ID numbers, including:
• Your federal employer identification number (EIN)
• Your state income tax ID number
• Your local tax ID numbers (if applicable)
• Your state unemployment (SUTA) account number and SUTA rate for your company. Your state unemployment agency will send you a notice with your rate.
• Copies of all tax filings for the current year (i.e. 941, state & local tax returns, SUTA).

All employee information, including:
• Names
• Addresses
• Social Security numbers
• Tax filing status
• Details on current deductions & company paid contributions
• The pay rate and pay frequency (weekly, biweekly, etc.) for all employees.
• All payroll registers for the current year, by pay date.
• All employer taxes for the current year, by pay date.

For Direct Deposit Setup:
• Completed Direct Deposit Service Agreement Form
• A copy of a voided business check
• A copy of your business/commercial bank account statement
• Proof of your Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) – for example, a signed federal business tax return or IRS Form 941, Form SS-4 assignment letter, or 501(c)(3) letter

If I switch to Macomb Payroll Inc., who handles my W2’s at the end of the year?

We do!  Once you setup your payroll through us, we’ll enter all previous employee earnings and withholding taxes.  Please inform your previous provider not to issue W-2’s at year-end.

How can I track how much money goes for payroll expenses, wages, taxes, etc…?

We can provide you a report each pay period to provide to your accountant or bookkeeper.  This will show the amount of employee pay, deductions, taxes paid, etc…  We can even integrate with some bookkeeping software such as QuickBooks Online and a few others.  This allows all of the journal entries for Payroll get entered in automatically.

Can my employees contact Macomb Payroll Inc. directly?

Absolutely!!  If your employees have any issues with their paycheck, tax withholding, direct deposit, etc..  they can contact us 7-days a week!  If you prefer you can provide a contact person to contact us on your employees behalf.

Are there any contracts?

Yes, we have an initial 6-month contract.  If your completely satisfied after 6-months we then have you sign a one-year agreement.

Rest assured we will always put you in the best plan possible, even if you’re in the middle of a contact.

Are there any hidden fees?

None.  We hate when we get nickeled and dimed for every little thing. We want pricing to be transparent so you know what to expect each month!

What are my responsibilities as an employer?

Please make sure you keep us up-to-date regarding ANY tax notices your receive so that we can make sure you SUTA rates are correct and everything is flowing smoothly.